Introducing: One Hyundai Account.

Since late 2020, we have been merging separate Hyundai accounts into one: one username, one password for Bluelink, and Charge myHundai, with myHyundai and Click to Buy coming soon. All you have to do is log out and back in by the end of May 2021. 

Step 1.

Open the Bluelink App on your smartphone. To log out, tap My Account -> Logout. When you see the login page below, please tap "Bluelink Account".

Step 2.

Enter your current Bluelink username (your email address) and password, then tap "LOG IN". If you can't remember your email or password, you can get help by tapping on the link below the LOG IN button.

Step 3.

You will see the message below, requesting you to upgrade to Hyundai Account. Please confirm by tapping "UPGRADE“.

Step 4.

We'll now create your new Hyundai Account. If you already have one, please tap „Link with Existing Hyundai Account“ and follow the instruction.

Step 5.

Type in the email address that will become your user ID. You can, but don't have to, choose the same email you used for your Bluelink account. Enter your first name, last name, and choose a new password. The password requirements are listed below the field. Check the box acknowledging the Terms of Use and tap the "REGISTER" button.

Step 6.

The app will now send you a verification code to the email address you entered. Enter it here and tap "VERIFY". Check your spam folder if you don't see the email or tap the button to re-send the code.

Step 7.

Once we have verified your email address, Hyundai Account will ask you for access to your personal information. Please tap "ALLOW".

Step 8.

Finally, we need to connect your mobile phone number to your account. Please select your country code and enter your phone number. Then, tap "VERIFY." 

Step 9.

You will receive a 6-digit verification code via text message. Enter the code in the respective box and tap "Confirm & Proceed".

Step 10.

A message will confirm that the number has been verified. Tap "OK" and your Bluelink account is successfully upgraded to your new Hyundai Account.

Please note:

Once you have upgraded your Bluelink Account to a Hyundai Account, your Bluelink credentials will no longer work, even before the transition period is over. You will have to use your new Hyundai Account password to sign into the app.

FAQ / Contact​

Frequently asked questions.

Hyundai Account works for all Hyundai services, including Bluelink and Charge myHyundai. Bluelink Account was used only for Bluelink services in the car and the smartphone app.

If you registered for Bluelink before December 9, 2020, you are using Bluelink Account and should upgrade to Hyundai Account.

We are discontinuing all Bluelink accounts by June 2021. If you have not upgraded your Bluelink account to a Hyundai account by then, all personal and usage data will be deleted. 

Hyundai Account is free of charge. 

  • Bluelink is the first service to be moved over to Hyundai Account. Soon, all official Hyundai services will use Hyundai Account.
  • CZ, FR, IT, NO, UK, CH: Bluelink and Charge myHyundai have started using Hyundai Account. 
  • ES: Bluelink, Charge myHyundai, and Mocean subscriptions are using Hyundai Account. 

All Bluelink accounts will be discontinued by June 2021. If you have not upgraded your Bluelink account to a Hyundai account by then, you will be automatically logged out on June 1. All personal and usage data will be deleted and you will have to create a new Hyundai Account from scratch.

Problems with any of the steps?

Contact our support team: [email protected]