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Can you get a software update to upgrade to Android Auto/Apple CarPlay?  
No, it is not currently available as a software upgrade in the European market. 
Why can 2016+ Hyundai Tucson models in the US download a software update to update the console system to include Android Auto/Apple CarPlay and Irish models cannot? 
Whilst the Hyundai Tucson is a global car; it is produced in different factories for different regions; and this means that there can be small variations in the component parts on different continents. The ability to update the console in the US and get Apple CarPlay / Android Auto is unfortunately just not possible in the European Tucson.
Do customers have to get their cars serviced at Hyundai dealers?
Part of the warranty conditions is that the Customer has the car serviced and repaired by the standards set by Hyundai. The authorised Hyundai Dealer network is the best place to carry out such work.
It is not possible for warranty work to be carried out by a non-Hyundai Authorised Repairer. Vehicles must be serviced in accordance with specified service schedules as issued by Hyundai and parts of an equivalent quality must be used. If a fault occurs as a result of servicing at a non-Hyundai Authorised Repairer, this may invalidate the warranty of the failed part.