The Sculpture in Motion project brings Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy to life, showcasing the fundamental inspiration behind the brand’s design DNA through an experiential work of art. Sculpture in Motion is Hyundai Design Centre’s ongoing collaborative project with artists to reinterpret and enable greater audiences to experience and connect with its Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy.

Sculpture in Motion was unveiled for the first time at Milan Design Week 2013 with an artwork of interactive lights. The project name encapsulates motion within a space and between spaces – the sharing of art by moving displays to different cities around the world. The kinetic laser-light sculpture won a prestigious Red Dot award for Communication Design in 2013.

The second part of the Sculpture in Motion series – entitled ’Helio Curve’ – was unveiled at the opening of Milan Design Week 2015, demonstrating Hyundai’s commitment to sharing and fostering design in all of its forms. The collaborative artwork of Reuben Margolin and Hyundai Motor Design Centre, ‘Helio Curve’ celebrates the beauty and continuous movement of the living form. The artwork strives to express the vitality and harmonious unity of the natural world reflecting Hyundai’s design philosophy – realising design as a process that is always adaptive, flowing and inspired by nature.

The first project within the series, consisted of 12,000 translucent spheres that acted collectively as a screen occupying 1,000 square meters.

‘Helio Curve’ recreates the movement of an ocean wave by suspending 400 open-celled tongue-and-groove wooden blocks within a five-meter cube, each block linked by a string to an electrically-powered metal drive. The individual blocks appear to be connected to form a wave over 3m in height, which ebbs and flows in a continuous rhythm that never repeats, highlighting the variability of organic movements – and celebrating movement itself as an art form.

With an exclusively designed lighting rig, ‘Helio Curve’ casts an impressively large shadow, further enhancing the experience. This complicated and beautiful kinetic art work was carefully designed by Reuben Margolin under complex mathematical design.

ABOUT THE ARTIST, REUBEN MARGOLIN - Bringing movement to life

California-based artist Reuben Margolin is known for his large-scale kinetic installations which encapsulate complex yet beautiful movement of nature. For the past 15 years, Reuben Margolin has been working on a series of monumental mechanical mobiles. Over this time, he has completed over 20 suspended undulating installations, whose modular fluidity is operated via analogical components.


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