All-New Kona: The Next Chapter in Hyundai's SUV Story
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All-New Kona: The Next Chapter in Hyundai's SUV Story


Hyundai Motor has sold more than 1.4 million SUVs since the introduction of the first-generation Santa Fe in 2001. The upcoming KONA will be the newest member of the Hyundai SUV family.

SUVs combine space, comfort, technology and looks. From their earliest days transporting train passengers and luggage, through their use as a tough four-wheel durable machine for the US Army, the SUV is most definitely a suburban driver favourite today.
Hyundai Motor’s SUV line-up accounts for one third of Hyundai vehicle sales in Europe. With the arrival of the All-New KONA, the company is adding a fourth SUV to its range on the continent.
Named after the KONA district on the Big Island of Hawaii, the car continues Hyundai’s new design identity with an expressive and powerful front dominated by the cascading grille, the company’s signature look.
Other features teased ahead of its premiere in the coming months include twin headlamps with the LED Daytime Running Lights positioned on top of the LED headlights, and like other SUVs, the elevated seating position provides better visibility for drivers. A new feature is the head-up display projecting key driving information directly into the driver’s line of sight, and is a Hyundai first.
The All-New KONA will be the latest Hyundai SUV model in Europe, following on from a range of award-winning and customer favourite models.