Hyundai Tucson



Both the WLTP and the NEDC are emission testing procedures. These are designed to replicate as much as possible, how a car is typically used on the road. The WLTP is the latest set of standards while the NEDC was its predecessor.

Both NEDC and WLTP represent a series of tests required to certify that all new vehicles on the market abide by regulations.

Since September 1, 2017, the WLTP standards have been in effect for all new models of vehicles, gradually replacing the NEDC standards (New European Driving Cycle) which had been the reference since the 1990s.

The conditions of the WLTP Driving cycle tests are stricter than those of the NEDC protocol but they do not consider very possible usage of a vehicle in real life.

For example, a thermal window of 5-15 degrees may be used during testing as opposed to the variance of actual real-world temperatures.

Testing results can change over time. It also cannot be ruled out that the relevant authorities may request alternative emission strategies for example the application of different thermal windows which may alter emissions results.

In the event corrective measures are required we will contact you to update you.

Whilst Hyundai cannot accept liability for any such changes by relevant authorities we will always work with you to find optimal solutions. This may be as straightforward as a simple software update.