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Give yourself one less worry for the next 5 years. Trade in your current car and get five years free servicing on your new Hyundai 201.

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Time to switch your old car for something more efficient? Avail of our guaranteed scrappage offer of up to €5,000.

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It’s never been easier to drive away in a brand new Hyundai. Avail of our low 3.9%. APR Finance rate. Select your model and be on the road in your 201 Hyundai in no time.

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*Hyundai 201 offers exclude electric models

and automatically avail of all three benefits as standard: Free Servicing, APR Finance, Scrappage & Emission Reduction


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All-New i10

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Try our BIK online calculator to calculate how much you can save on BIK when you choose a Hyundai electric car compared to a non-electric car.